Connecting the Dots Between Food & Health: Expanding the Market for Retail Grocery

North America, 2008

As food industry trends continue to focus on health and wellness, retailers need to understand how these trends will affect their business. This report by the North America Council delivers a strategic planning model for navigating the future of health and wellness in food retailing. Every retailer who uses this tool will come away with not only an expanded understanding of the opportunities and threats this new future presents, but solutions for how to approach and handle them.

The process described in this report will enable retailers to engage in the future of health and wellness from a creative perspective and build a vision for that future. This topic is vital because helping consumers understand food and health represents a huge opportunity for expanding the market for retail grocery.

Consumers are increasingly seeking trusted partners to help them sort through the large quantities of information to identify what’s relevant to them personally. Food stores are perfectly positioned to assume these roles in consumers’ lives—and if they don’t, they risk losing parts of their business base to others who strive to meet these needs.