Safer Fresh Food for Asia’s Shoppers: A Call to Action

Asia Pacific, 2009

When it comes to food industry trends, food safety is always at top of mind, but they have been particularly important over the past several years. Recent breaches have compromised the integrity and financial success of retailers both in Asia and globally.

Conducted by McKinsey & Company under the direction of the Asia Pacific Council, this report was commissioned to provide retail leaders with a road map for ensuring enhanced food safety and product quality in fresh food, from source to consumption.

“This study provides detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses of food safety systems across different Asian countries and food categories,” said Long Chen, CEO of China Resources Vanguard, China and a member of the Asia Pacific Council. “In particular, it reveals food safety as the single biggest risk issue for fresh food retailers across Asia Food Safety strategy and execution must be a major focus for Retailer Leadership and their senior management.”