Eating In: Growing Sales by Helping Customers Eat at Home More

North America, 2010

As consumers increasingly choose to eat at home instead of a restaurant due to growing health concerns, retailers must develop ways to make the process convenient by helping them shop for and prepare meals. These food industry trends present food retailers with a new opportunity to earn a greater share of consumers’ food dollars. If they can move beyond the “product provider” role to become shoppers’ go-to meal solution provider, retailers have the potential to improve customer experience and build not only sales, but also strong customer relationships that could turn the tide on a 25-year erosion in the industry’s share of consumer food dollars.

This strategy must start with a clear understanding of how consumers experience mealtime in the 21st century. The North America Council partnered with the NPD Group, an organization that has been tracking the eating and drinking behavior of consumers every day for the past 30 years, to create a report that surveyed 2,000 households on the challenges they face when preparing dinner. Learn more about how to build trust with customers through mealtime solutions in the report below.