Untangling the Social Web: Insights for Users, Brands and Retailers

North America, 2014

Social networking is no longer defined by arbitrary status updates posted by millennials. It has incredible scope and power that demands attention from users, brands and retailers. Social media represents the most popular online activity worldwide and has altered the way we connect, share and build relationships with people and communities around the globe.

The North America Council studied this phenomenon to discover the impact of social media on food industry trends. Read the report below to learn how to leverage social media to improve your business.

  • Part 1 – Assessing the Social Networking Landscape
  • Part 2 – Identifying the Allure of Social Networking: Traits, Behaviors and Motivators
  • Part 3 – Social Networking Personas: A Look at Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets
  • Part 4 – The Value of Social Networking for Brand and Retailers
  • Part 5 – The Effectiveness of Professional Social Networking
  • Part 6 – How to Develop an External Social Web Strategy
  • Part 7 – How to Develop an Internal Social Web Strategy
  • Part 8 – A Look at Today and a Vision for 2020