You Won’t Know Until You Try

June 22, 2016

Every retailer is looking for ways to improve their sales growth strategy. Our report gives retailers a powerful solution by creating a culture of employee engagement within their company.

From the findings of a recent industry survey of nearly 100,000 convenience store employees at about 20,000 convenience retail stores across the nation, we have solid evidence that:

  • For your employees, the most important driver of employee engagement is their knowledge that management, from the CEO to first line supervisors, actually cares about them.
  • Higher engagement generates increased sales even when business growth isn’t necessarily the main goal. You’ll hear about one manager’s experience with this in one of the video clips.

Our three-part study doesn’t try to provide a single step-by-step approach. Instead, it presents the emotional aspects of employee engagement as well as the hard numbers retailers need to see before committing to a new business expansion strategy. You will also find that there’s plenty of guidance on specific actions to take depending on how much energy you want to focus on engagement.

It’s typical that some practical-minded business people will look at a study like this and think they already know all the ins and outs of increased engagement. What you don’t know is how much opportunity you have to help increase sales and profits until you try. Download our latest study on the CCRRC North America NACS report page to get started!