Remembering Bill Bishop: Longtime Research Director of the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council

March 30, 2022

Bill Bishop, the long-time food retail industry consultant who played a fundamental role in the creation and longevity of the Coca-Cola Retailing Research councils, passed away March 25, 2022.

Bill served as research director of the original North American council from its inception in the late 1970s until 2010. In addition, he was instrumental in creating and then overseeing the NACS/CCRRC focused on convenience stores, from its debut in 2000 until 2016.

In his role as research director, Bill facilitated council meetings and oversaw dozens of important projects that brought the food retail industry useful and actionable insights on a wide range of topics. The entire library of studies can be found here.

Bill was frequently noted as saying that the magic of the council was the ability to lead executives from competing companies as they worked cooperatively to identify emerging issues and guide research in a way that was useful to their own businesses and the industry at large.

His contributions to the CCRRC and the food retail industry overall were incredibly influential. His work and memory will not be forgotten. Learn more about Bill Bishop’s life and legacy here.