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For more than 40 years, the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) has helped grocery and convenience store businesses by providing cutting-edge industry research on issues identified by retailers – research by retailers, for retailers. The Council has produced more than 60 reports from around the world, and now with a continued focus on North America. These reports offer a variety of topics including growth strategies; shopper marketing, research and safety; technology and social media; food industry trends, and more. The CCRRC is research conducted by retailers for retailers.

The North America Large Store Council focuses on grocery retail research, while NACS (National Association of Convenience) Council deals with convenience store research. Each of the two Councils consists of approximately 15-20 invited retailers who commit to a set term (usually four years) to spearhead important industry research. The members are selected to represent a variety of operating styles, store types, and ownership. They often represent large chains and small independent stores, and at times even direct competitors.

Each Council determines its own research projects, in addition to identifying consultants that are hired to implement the projects. Council members may suggest projects that they believe are significant for the industry as well as for their own companies. The Coca‑Cola Company does not influence any of the project decisions made by the Councils.

All Council reports may be downloaded for free from the Reports page. The page contains the entire library of Council work, dating back to the first Council, which was formed in 1978.