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May 23, 2017

In an increasingly competitive world, the importance of employee engagement has never been more significant. As the newest report from CCRRC North America NACS demonstrates, employee engagement leads to better store performance on sales, profits and customer loyalty.

Yet in many ways, the crucial elements to improving employee engagement are simple, common sense ideas that somehow get overlooked or forgotten.

For instance: building an engaged team begins with hiring the right talent, so all managerial staff needs training in better interviewing techniques. Those same managers need training and support to help them build a culture that promotes engagement just as their staffers need the right tools to perform their jobs. And all staffers need regular reviews to ensure relevance and clarity.

Additionally, managers need to regularly and clearly communicate with and listen to staff. They should also give employees more responsibility and should regularly recognize individual performance. Most importantly, companies need to ensure that all staffers feel safe on the job.

To learn more about these principles to help grow your business, check out “People Power for C-Stores.”