What is the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council?
The Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council was created by The Coca‑Cola Company in 1978 to provide third-party research to its retail customers. Today, the company supports this endeavor to ensure that all grocery and convenience retailers have access to relevant insights that can help them grow their businesses.

The Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council is comprised of two different Councils, the Large Store Council and the NACS Convenience Council. The Large Store Council focuses on grocery retail research, and the NACS Council focuses on convenience retail research. Previously, there were four additional Councils: Asia PacificEurasia & AfricaEurope and Latin America.


How are Council members selected?
Each of the two Councils is made up of 15-20 retailers. The Council members are selected to represent a variety of operating styles, store types and ownership. They often represent large chains and small independent stores, and at times even direct competitors. The Council members usually serve four-year terms, after which new retailers from the same regions are selected.


How are Council projects selected?
Each Council determines its own path, including the projects it pursues and the consultants hired to run that project. The Council members are urged to identify and select projects they feel hold significant value for the entire industry as well as their own companies. All decisions on the project are made by the Council members alone without the influence of The Coca‑Cola Company.


How can I learn more about the Council projects?
All Council reports are available to view and download on the Reports page.


How can I obtain a copy of a Council report?
All Council reports can be found on the Reports page are available as free downloads. This includes the entire library of Council work, dating back to the first Council, which was formed in 1978.


How can I view reports from past Councils?
All reports from past Councils are available on the Reports page.”