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Building Blocks: Job Resources and Demands

May 16, 2016

If you found that the first two building blocks in employee engagement sound like they can help you learn how to make your business grow, you’ll want to learn more about our next two: making all necessary resources available to employees and shaping the demands managers place on workers.

It may sound obvious, but employees need the equipment and tools required to complete a task, including supplies like brooms and mops to keep the floor clean. These should be readily available and in good condition. If they’re not, it sends a message that discourages employee engagement.

Additionally, consider the demands of the job from the employee’s point of view. Some of these demands can become roadblocks to the employee performing the job the way they’re asked. This may come from politics inside the store or company, work overload or concern about job security. This segment shows some of the things that you and your managers can do to create a stronger culture of employee engagement and grow your business in the process.