February 28, 2019

Managing people is never simple, but there are simple steps managers can take to become increasingly effective and produce better results from their subordinates.


A key part of People Power for C-Stores, the newest study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, is a series of video interviews with frontline managers explaining skills they learned in management classes. One video titled “Perception is Reality” features a group of managers explaining how they were able to improve their managerial skills and motivate employees.


The biggest takeaways from the videos were the importance of understanding employees’ perceptions of their managers, taking the time to ask for feedback and listening to criticism. Once managers do that, they also have to be willing to change based on the feedback they receive.


These important steps were quite simple in many cases. One manager spoke of the importance of leaving her cell phone in her car so she wouldn’t get distracted during visits. Another spoke of deliberately losing her clipboard so she wouldn’t keep simply reading notes.


As the report clearly demonstrates, those small changes by managers lead to improved engagement by frontline staffers, which in turn can translate into better sales, profits and customer loyalty.


You can watch “Perception is Reality” at and download People Power for C-Stores for free here: