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Going Social Matters to Managers Too

April 2, 2013

The challenges and benefits social media brings to marketers are mirrored in the issues facing managers and leaders at all levels of any organization. Consider the many ways:

  • Just as with customers, associates can and will use the social web to compare experiences freely, much as they have always done. But now, powered by the new technology, those conversations take place faster and broader than ever. Today even prospective employees can easily garner a strong sense of a company’s (and a manager’s) strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engaging on the social web is as essential for associates as it is for customers. Just as customers look for websites and social presence on places they shop, associates look to see how their companies use the web for information sharing, education and job opportunities.
  • Likewise, the key to interacting on the social web starts with listening to and understanding the comments and chatter. By engaging in a pro-active way, companies and even individual managers can use the social web as a tool to produce productive ideas and additional buy-in among associates.

Of course, understanding successful strategies to using the social web requires new skills that will only grow in importance with greater use of the social web in years to come. Luckily, rising leaders have two great tools to help them in this journey.

First, Untangling the Social Web http://bit.ly/UntanglingtheSocialWeb, the on-going study from the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council provides a wealth of information and ideas. Parts 6 and 7 of the study focus specifically on the challenges facing companies and managers in building successful practices in the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Secondly, the council will make a special presentation on the social web to open Future Connect, the FMI conference for future leaders. The presentation will feature council member Mark Irby, vice president of marketing for Publix, and Tim Massa, who heads up talent acquisition for Kroger. The special presentation will take place on Monday, April 29 at 4 pm.

For current and future leaders the social web is an increasingly important tool, which makes the report and this special workshop so vital.

Michael Sansolo

Research Director

Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council of North America