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May 2, 2016

Increasing sales and profits is never easy. Improving your sales growth strategy in a way that works over the long haul is even harder—unless, of course, your business has developed a culture of employee engagement. When this is in place, the whole team is working against what usually holds performance back.

There is a lot of evidence showing the connection between employee engagement and improved business results. Some of the results include a direct impact on sales and profits, as well as indirect impact like reduced turnover and fewer job absences. Even more important, however, is that the whole team is on the same game plan. In today’s competitive world, this is a proven way to put a competitive strategy in place.

The second presentation on “How employee engagement works,” or how it improves business growth, pulls together a lot of the facts into a persuasive case and is now available on the council website. If greater employee engagement can generate positive results for so many companies, it’s clearly worth a look.