December 27, 2018

As shopper needs continue to evolve, convenience stores are likely to face pressure like never before to enhance the customer experience. Not surprisingly, a key to providing that higher level of service rests heavily on store staff.


People Power for C-Stores, the most recent study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, examines the importance of engaged employees and offers ideas on how to maximize engagement.

Based on substantial research, the report demonstrates the power of engaged staffers to drive sales, profits and customer loyalty. One key finding from the report is that the best-performing c-stores currently offer speed of service competitive with that of quick-serve restaurants. However, two-thirds of the c-stores observed fell behind quick-serve restaurants in speed of service — a critical shortcoming for a channel heavily based on speed.


The importance of competing for those quick-meal occasions is likely to grow for c-stores in the near future. In fact, it is the focus of a new study that the council will be releasing in early 2019.


To learn more, download People Power for C-Stores for free here: