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October 26, 2017

Communication through social media continues to explode in use, raising a range of challenges for every business – especially when it comes to negative feedback. As a result, companies must have plans for dealing with even the thorniest of commentary.

Social media experts remind companies that negative feedback is simply part of this new world that must be taken on directly. But as is the case with all comments, the best responses come from listening and understanding the complaints and then responding in kind.

The many facets of developing a social media strategy are all part of a recent study by CCRRC North America, titled “Surviving the Brave New World of Food Retailing.” Strategies for external communication with shoppers can be found in part 6 of the study (Untangling the Social Web).

When a response is needed, try to find ways of solving problems and turning a negative discussion into the start of a relationship that might actually benefit your company. But also understand that not every comment merits a response. By listening, you can probably determine which comments are legitimate and which are not.

Learn more or download the full report can be downloaded for free here.