January 31, 2019

For countless reasons, engaged employees are becoming ever more important for the success of any retail format. For example, engaged staffers make the shopping trip more enjoyable, which is an essential part of building customer loyalty — especially in today’s competitive market.


Furthermore, with the unemployment rate at a historic low, it’s becoming increasingly important — and perhaps challenging — to keep engaged staffers with your company.


The key to overcoming this potential challenge is improving the skills of front-line managers, who set the tone for an individual team or store. Those on-the-ground leaders and their potential to motivate others are a major focus of People Power for C-Stores, the newest study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council.


The report measures numerous ways that engaged employees improve customers’ shopping experience, as well as store productivity, in nearly every way. In addition, the study includes a series of video interviews with managers who learned specific ways to improve their own skills — starting with focusing on staffers and listening to their issues with a goal of solving problems.


As the managers in those videos explain, the process seems so easy, yet it required them to learn new ways of interacting with staff. As the report makes clear, those efforts bear fruit in sales, profits, reduced turnover and more.

You can watch the videos at and download People Power for C-Stores for free here: