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March 29, 2018

More than ever, shoppers are viewing their purchasing decisions through a new lens. They express concern for all manner of issues through their purchases, which means the industry must understand and cater to specific desires that go way beyond taste, price and convenience.

Today’s consumers view food less as a commodity and more as a statement, and the industry must adapt to delight and serve those same shoppers. For example, more than 50 percent of shoppers prefer natural products, and nearly that many look for organics and products lacking GMOs. Others seek products that are gluten- or lactose-free to meet health needs and preferences.

In today’s competitive environment, such shopper insights are increasingly important to help strengthen connections between stores, products and shoppers.

Surviving the Brave New World of Food Retailing, the latest report from CCRRC North America, offers insights and business strategies that can help retailers identify these shopper trends and enhance the shopper experience.