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December 29, 2017

When disaster strikes — hurricanes, tornadoes or wildfires — we constantly see that somehow stores stay open, staffers come to work and products get on the shelves. And we’ve seen the importance of these efforts in bringing both essential products and a feeling of normalcy to hard-hit areas.

Associates recognize their role. A major business magazine recently detailed how the importance of purpose and connection — between team members and with the larger community — can mean more than all the culture-raising efforts companies usually attempt. After all, companies must know how to build trust with customers, and an engaged workforce is vital.

But did you realize that those implications can be measured?

The power of employee engagement is the subject of the recent study from the Coca‑Cola Retail Research Council North America NACS. The study, available at www.ccrrc.org, shows how engagement with both shoppers and other staff leads to improved sales, profits, business growth and customer loyalty.

What’s more, those same efforts lead to improved employee satisfaction and lower turnover. And, as the report found, the key to building all this success frequently comes down to improved communication throughout the organization, especially from each level of management to their subordinates.

Learn more and download the report for free at www.ccrrc.org