October 29, 2019

Not all the challenges facing future retailers are related to emerging trends in technology and demographics. In fact, long-standing concerns like store sales and profitability, including how to re-energize center store categories, are still top of mind for retailers.

In The Store of the Future: An Exploration & Planning Guide, the newest study from the Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council of North America, the prospects for center store get a measure of focus. Beginning on page 20 of the study, we see how the shopping trip has evolved. Specifically, the study examines the increasing number of consumers who are skipping the center store altogether in favor of the store perimeter or fresh departments.

The situation in the center store isn’t entirely bleak, though. The study also shares best practices from retailers who have managed to build marketing differential in grocery aisles. While individual retailers may utilize a variety of these strategies to build success in center store, the report also makes clear that the future store, which will likely feature a combination of virtual and traditional shopping, requires focus on grocery products. In fact, such efforts are essential to building profitability.

As the report concludes, it is imperative for retailers to focus on virtual shopping, omni-channel strategies and even staff interactions with shoppers in order to find and maintain success in the future.

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