April 24, 2019

Changes in lifestyles, family structure, modern pressures and even customers themselves are forcing incredible shifts in the needs shoppers bring to the modern c-store. To succeed, operators must understand how to evolve with these changes.


Embracing Modern Convenience, the newest study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, offers fresh insights into the different needs and desires driving today’s c-store customers. The study, compiled by extensive surveying and interviews with customers, offers tips and recommendations for operators to meet those needs.


The report explores strategies operators can employ, from maintaining relations with current customers to improving, exceeding and expanding offerings to attract new customers. The report also provides strategies for how c-stores can cater to changing customer needs. For example, while those seeking to maintain traditional convenience offerings will focus on foods for immediate consumption along with fuel and auto needs, those pushing to expand into modern convenience need to examine digital expansion, personalization beyond the store and ways to make stores a gathering spot for shoppers.


More details on how individual companies and operators can address these changing needs can be found in the report, which can be downloaded for free: