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September 28, 2017

Thanks to emerging technology, shoppers have access to an ever-widening array of formats to visit for all types of goods. For the convenience retailers to succeed in this omnichannel world, store operators need to remember that, frequently, some of the most basic parts of shopping can make or break the experience.

People Power for C-Stores,” the most recent report from CCRRC North America NACS, outlines many of the key basics that every convenience retailer needs to succeed. Consider, for example, the following questions that consumers consider highly important to suggest clean and safe surroundings, and therefore a positive customer experience, in a store:

  1. Are your restrooms clean and well maintained?
  2. Is the exterior and interior of your store well lit?
  3. Are employee uniforms and grooming neat and tidy?
  4. Is safety training and performance part of your program?

Sure, they may be basic issues, but without them, success is almost impossible. Learn more and download the report for free at www.ccrrc.org.