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June 29, 2011

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The 2005 NACS/CCRRC Convenience Teens Study provides solid insight into how to tap the sales potential of “next generation” shoppers. The good news is that the work didn’t stop there.  Several council members pilot tested the action opportunities revealed in the document. Their findings resulted in the creation of five action reports, each focusing on a different appeal to teen shoppers. These appeals range from ready-to-eat food (an important revenue driver in today’s c-store environment) to, would you believe, restrooms.

The tip I want to highlight, however, involves something that has gotten a lot hotter since the initial research was conducted — digital technology. The digital technology action report offers five tips, along with step-by-step action plans for implementing each one.

Let’s consider one suggestion: use digital media to increase visits and purchases by teens.  We know teenagers love video and this tip is based partly on research that captured one youth saying, “I check the promotions on store screens because they tell me about sales and deals.”

What retailers have you seen that are doing a good job using in-store digital screens to better communicate with teen customers?

Bill Bishop
Research Director
NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council
Founder, Willard Bishop Consulting and Chief Architect ClickMeetsBrick http://www.brickmeetsclick.com