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Unlocking Opportunities with Shopper Research

April 7, 2014

“Get in the Game” — a new report from the NACS / CCRRC — showcases how convenience retailers use advice provided in the previously published Playbook for Success to defend their turf and attract new business. Based on in-depth research with thousands of operators, the three-step guide helps c-stores better align with and meet their customers’ needs.

“Get in the Game” highlights how some retailers use shopper research to “scout the opportunity” before executing an initiative. For example, it demonstrates that a simple survey, designed to identify shopper satisfaction, can guide an operator to develop an action plan that leads to success. Case studies include:

• A six-store convenience retailer, that found a survey to be “a simple and affordable way” to collect customer feedback, identified how to defend its existing business and strengthen several categories to grow sales.
• A forty-store chain that employed a survey discovered that although it received strong customer satisfaction scores, the business would benefit from working on the basics.

“Market basket missions,” another shopper research tool addressed in the latest report, analyzes the combination of products purchased during a transaction. This helps operators determine the needs customers wanted to satisfy on each visit and supports their merchandise planning activities.

Imagine how much more you could grow your business if you leveraged shopper research to focus your efforts. Learn how by reading the “Get in the Game” report available at no charge at www.ccrrc.org.

Bill Bishop

Research Director

NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council

Founder, Willard Bishop LLC and Chief Architect BrickMeetsClick