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Fighting What's Different Differently: Retention in the Grocery Frontline

January 29, 2024
Grocery is an industry with high employee turnover. It’s always been high, but has gotten worse and is a material drain on profitability. While it has come back off the covid peak, recovery seems to be behind its peer industries.

Fixing this requires acknowledging what’s different and tackling it differently. Some long-standing problems must also be addressed in a more effective way.  We examine the FIVE MAJOR ACTIONS grocers can take that will make a real difference to employee retention!  Please click on the link below to get the full action plan! 

Included in the plan is a simple diagnostic test that you can use to understand how these issues apply to your stores, regions, and banners. It’s intended to be a tool to help you assess where you are in your journey to making your industry a desired career choice for today’s employee. Please access the survey here:

Diagnostic Tool