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North America NACS, 2016

When it comes to business, people matter. Studies consistently show that employee engagement leads to business growth, and that’s why the North America NACS Council chose to study the topic in this three-phase project.

The report explores employee engagement in convenience retail based on survey responses from 20,000 c-store employees and managers across 11 different banners.* The Council wanted to identify what influences employee engagement, how it relates to business growth and where c-stores can improve. The results confirm the reality of these opportunities.

To get started, c-store leaders can review these resources:

How Employee Engagement Works. This series of short presentations is based on authoritative academic research evidence that explains what employee engagement is, how it impacts business performance, and which organizational building blocks are required to create and sustain it. You can also read the full results of his study here.

Powering Up Employee Engagement: A Flash of Light. In a series of short videos, c-store supervisors and managers tell first-hand stories of what happened when they applied employee engagement principles in their own stores.

Council members who tried these approaches found that their own organizations experienced the most success when everyone understood and supported increased engagement. Together, these resources offer convenience retailers the foundation to build that understanding.

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*Participants were invited to take part in a voluntary, web-based survey in which they were asked to respond to 33 questions. No incentives were provided, and all responses would remain confidential.