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July 31, 2017

Today’s connected, social media-filled world means that every customer and employee can play an outsized role in spreading the word — good or bad — about any shopping or customer experience. That, in turn, puts a premium on getting positive feedback from all quarters.

The newest report from CCRRC North America NACS highlights a variety of ways in which engaged employees improve the customer experience and help grow your business. Those same employees help spread the word – in a good way.

The report found that 94 percent of highly engaged staffers recommend shopping or dining at their store to both friends and family. That’s nearly double the rate of moderately engaged employees and nine times the rate of disengaged staffers! Those numbers speak to the power and importance of engagement.

People Power for C-Stores contains countless additional industry research findings along with guidance on how to build a more engaged team. Download the report for free here.