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It’s a Partnership

March 28, 2016

Once you have a new employee, there’s an opportunity to build a productive relationship with him or her; i.e. to show them that they’re a valued partner in driving sales and profit of the store. Some people put up barriers, but managers who are good at building employee engagement find ways to break through and communicate with them. Maybe the person is shy or just unsure of themselves. The investment of time and energy in your people is the key to make your business grow.

It starts with listening and finding out what’s important to them on and off the job. In this video you’ll hear what a manager did to turn the company pyramid upside down and to help his employees see they were most important when it came to taking care of customers and aiding business growth.

The idea of turning the company pyramid upside down may feel a little extreme, but you’ll see how it brought a better workplace to life.

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