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December 6, 2016

If your entire perspective on convenience store employees came from popular movies, you’d have to assume that staffers hold customers in contempt. The truth is something very, very different.

As part of the CCRRC North America NACS’s new report on employee engagement, staffers were asked what aspect they like most about their jobs. The vote wasn’t even close.

Nearly 40 percent of managers and non-management staff list customers at the top of the list, double the percentage naming co-workers or management. As one respondent said, “I love to work with the guests. Interacting with them puts a smile on my face.” Another said it’s “fun to get to meet so many different types of people.”

That finding should both delight and surprise convenience store management and remind us that we might not always know what factors best motivate front line staff.

The entire CCRRC North America NACS industry analysis report, People Power for C-stores, is available for free download here.