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February 7, 2017

In this day and age of smart phones and social media, a large portion of business communication is done electronically. Texts, e-mails and other messages can be quickly conveyed to many staffers all at once, even if they have vastly different schedules.

And while everyone loves electronic messaging, your staffers may want something very old school instead. That’s right: face-to-face meetings still have their place.

C-stores associates surveyed on how their companies could improve say communication is the biggest area, and that means more meetings in your business strategies. “Regular store meetings help keep everyone on the same page,” said one employee, explaining that meetings allow for clearer communication, especially on new policies and changes.

Another associate was even more direct, saying: “Schedule more store meetings with all managers and employees.”

Part of the reason for those feelings also comes through in the surveys, as associates want clearer information on schedules, a better sense of teamwork, training opportunities and fairness among the staff. Meetings help in all those areas.

The survey was conducted as part of a new report, People Power for C-Stores, from the CCRRC North America NACS, now available for download here.