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The Effect of Employee Engagement

February 29, 2016

Though the council’s decision on which topic to study was close, it came down to just two topics: understanding the impact of technology and building a culture of employee engagement.

When the votes were counted, employee engagement prevailed because it has proven effective as a marketing strategy for the business. Here’s why:

  • As competition for good talent intensifies, ensuring employees feel valued is an important, affordable way to achieve a good reputation in the workplace.
  • Workforce expectations are changing and how people treat each other at work is increasingly vital, particularly to younger employees.
  • When you treat your employees well, they’ll treat the customers well.

Studies across various fields consistently show that positive workplace culture leads to both increased sales and improved profitability, helping grow your business. When your employees know and are reminded of their worth, they perform better. They represent the store more effectively, deliver improved service and bring more of their own ideas and energy to the job.

We have developed a series of videos that will take you through the steps for improving employee engagement in your convenience store. The series is called “Power Up Employee Engagement: A Flash of Light.” In the first video, you’ll see what happened when various district and regional managers from convenience stores across North America learned their actions were hindering employee engagement. You’ll also witness their decision to commit to change.

Read more about employee engagement in our ongoing study, Power Up Your People.