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The Power of Caring

November 30, 2016

Improving employee engagement requires more than compensation and time. Just by listening, companies may discover other issues that make staffers more loyal and better performers who will grow your business.

When asked what matters most to them, employees put heavy emphasis on their company caring about their well-being and a feeling of safety in the workplace, along with the ability to use their strengths and to see how they align with expectations. Other top issues included the ability to learn and use new skills and getting recognition for work well done.

The staffers were responding to a survey conducted by the Service Management Group as part of the newest report on building employee engagement from the CCRRC North America NACS.

Through in-depth interviews included in the report, readers can learn how something as simple as safety can mean many different things to different employees. For instance, one manager learned that concerns about poorly stacked items were keeping one staffer from cleaning the backroom.

The survey, interviews and more are all part of People Power for C-Stores. The new report is available for easy download here.