March 14, 2022

As shoppers navigate their personal journeys to living more sustainably, they often fall within one of three categories: Beginners, Deciders and Involved. While these three groups differ in the ways that they participate in sustainable initiatives, one topic that unites them is the importance they place on social initiatives. Beginners, Deciders and Involved convenience store shoppers all agree that the way a store operator treats employees and interacts within the community is a deciding factor in where they shop.

Convenience Store Customers and Sustainability, the newest report from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, features an in-depth look at what Beginners, Deciders and Involved shoppers prioritize in terms of sustainability and how c-store operators can support them. The study points out that if operators are looking to gain trust and customer loyalty, they must offer more than just popular products. They should also be making a positive difference within the community while clearly demonstrating respect and care for the people working within the store.

As c-store operators begin to implement strategies that highlight the work they do within their communities, they may consider making donations to local charities, sponsoring local organizations or encouraging employees to volunteer.

For c-store operators that may be curious about how these social initiatives might affect the overall traffic and growth of their store, shoppers that were surveyed for the report claim that when c-store operators prioritize the health, wellbeing and overall work conditions of their employees, they are more likely to recommend the store to their social circle.

The entire study, including strategies on how c-stores can support their communities and employees, can be downloaded for free: