October 29, 2019

In order to expand their shopper base and, in the process, build sales and profits, convenience store operators must address the needs and desires of entirely new groups of consumers.

Embracing Modern Convenience: Responding to Shopper Needs, the latest study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, takes a closer look at this goal and outlines how operators can achieve it.

On page 17, the report provides valuable insights on the expectations and preferences of three distinct categories of c-store shoppers. Specifically, the report looks at how store operators can retain and enhance relations with current customers as they simultaneously win over valuable new consumer groups, including millennials and busy parents, in order to bring in additional traffic and sales.

Traditional c-store attributes and offerings, like multiple locations, small formats and gas and beverages sales, remain very important to convenience loyalists. But the research shows that improved food and beverage offerings can entice even these longtime shoppers to increase their spending.

The report also details key tactics operators can use to bring in new consumer groups. Knowledgeable staff and healthy snacks are a great way to attract millennial shoppers. Busy parents, on the other hand, are looking for stores that provide some level of experience or entertainment for their children, diverse product offerings and a well-lit, safe environment.

Both millennials and busy parents represent demographic groups of substantial size and spending power that have the potential to bring large numbers of additional trips and sales to the convenience industry. By focusing on these consumer groups, in addition to maintain existing shoppers, c-store operators can set themselves up for long term success.

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