March 26, 2019

Many c-store managers share a common problem: finding a solution for better connecting with employees in a way that will lead to improved performance.


The most recent study from the NACS/Coca‑Cola Retailing Research Council, People Power for C-Stores, examines countless ways managers can build those connections, and – not surprisingly – the findings are both sensible and easily achievable. However, as various managers who were interviewed for the report explain, it takes time, commitment and authenticity.


Establishing connections cannot be done lightly. As the managers share in the short video “People Want to Be Known,” it’s important to show staffers they care in order to establish a genuine connection. It takes time, but as the entire report demonstrates, it is time well spent.


Building connections with staffers leads to greater employee engagement, which in turn leads to improved sales, profits and customer loyalty.


Watch “People Want to Be Known” at and download People Power for C-Stores for free here: